Standard file formats for graphics files

29 Apr

GIF Image File

href=””>Hydrangeas GIF

Hydrangeas JPEG

JPEG Image File

Hydrangeas PNG

PNG Image File

The Diffence between the files size is that the larges file size is a PNG with 1.75 MB and the smalles GIF with 481 KB and JPGE in the middle with 778 KB. The diffent in the output quality is that your cant see mush diffence between the PNG and JPEG but your can see that the blue on the flower lefe is still there comparted to the PNG and JPEG. And the PNG is a bit more pixelated.

PNG Worked by use a lossless compression algorithm and support transparency, animation as well as interlacing. When you save an image as an interlaced GIF and display it inside a web page, visitors to your site will see a low-resolution image quickly, which gradually comes into focus.

JPEG is a lossy compression algorithm. When you create a JPEG or convert an image from another format to a JPEG, you are asked to specify the quality of image you want. Since the highest quality results in the largest file, you can make a trade-off between image quality and file size. The lower the quality, the greater the compression, and the greater the degree of information loss.

PNG matches all of GIF’s features except animation. PNG has better compression and interlacing than GIF and adds new features of its own, such as gamma storage, full alpha channel, true color support, and error detection. PNG supports two methods of transparency, one-color masking and the other alpha channel. PNG’s full alpha channel makes it possible to create beautiful glows and drop shadows which layer over different-colored backgrounds perfectly.

23 Apr

Wireless Communications
Compare Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth
What are the data transfer speeds of each
Wi-Fi transfer speed depends on the router you are using, the average Wi-Fi speed is 2.5 MB/s.
Bluetooth speed is 38 KB/s
List the types of devices used by each
Wi-Fi Devices – Devices like Smart phones, laptops, some computers, tabits and game consoles
Bluetooth Devices – phones, tabites, some head sets, and speakers

Bus Communications
Compare Firewire vs USB
What are the data transfer speeds of each
Firewire transfer speed is 800 MB/s with Firewire 800
USB transfer speed is 12-14 MB/s with USB 2.0 or 5000 MB with USB 3.0
List the types of devices used by each
Firewire devices – It is use in things that need fast tranfer rates, like in media compontry so it be use in pc, transfer cables, Backup devices like hard drives.
USB devices – USB flash drives, Wi-Fi concenters, Game Controllers chargers, mouse, keyboard, data transfer devices for phones or camera.

Magnetic Storage
Typically what size of hard disk drive might be found inside a new PC? The size of hard drive is always increasing, but on avenge the size that a new pc comes with is 500-700 GB, some can come with a 1 TB.
Typically how much storage capacity do external hard disk drives offer? They can offer from 500 GB to 1 TB
Work out how much uncompressed video could be stored on the hard disks in your answers above – Your can store about 41 Movie’s on 1080p (HD) Movie at 12 GB each with 500 GB Storage, or 21 Movie’s on Blu-ray at 23 GB per movie on 500 GB Storage
Work out how many MP3 files could be stored on the hard disks in your answers above – 500 GB can store 51200 MP3 files at 10 MB each

Optical Storage
Find out how much uncompressed audio data can be stored on a CD-ROM – At 700 MB your can store 70 uncompressed files at 10 MB each
Find out how much video can be stored on a DVD – DVDirect has five recording quality modes: 1hour (highest quality but records only 1 hour of video on a standard 4.7GB disc), 1.5 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, and a 6 hour (lowest quality, but you can store 6 hours on a standard 4.7GB disc) mode.
Find out how much video can be stored on a Blu-Ray DVD – A Blu-Ray holds nearly 20 GB of information.

Online storage
What is cloud storage? cloud storage refers to storing digital data on a network of computers that are accessible via the internet.
What sort of capacities are being offered? Your able to get about 5-10 Gb for free from Amazon and hotmail.
What are the advantages of cloud storage? You can access it on any computer
What are the disadvantages of cloud storage? You need the internet to access and it can be hacked.


The average desktop computer use a Intel core 2 Duo Processors or an AMD Phenom Processing at minimum when a multimedia development computer use Intel’s LGA 1366-based Core i7-900-series CPUs. The Multimedia development computers normaly cost a lot more than average desktop computer since they processor cost more, and the compurter will be using a better graphic card, video cards and audio card but the computer need a better fan so the computer does not over heat.

The type of output device used can have an impact on multimedia
Find out about a flexible display.
What is it?
What is it used for?
Virtual 3D – provide a separate image for each eye, generally requires 3D glasses
Real 3D – project a moving image into space
Describe how 3D is having an impact in multimedia

Vector Graphic

10 Apr

Vector graphic is a other type of image, unlike bitmapped like JPEG, vector graphic dont store pixls. An vector graphic only stores attributes like lenth, hight, ling thin, ling colour, fill colour and so on. So most of the time vector images can be store with a lot less memory. But vector graphic can’t get pictor quity like a bitmapped, since it save a fill and cant create a fill that look like the sky or water. But the biggist avant of a Vector is that your can increase it size and not loss any quity like what happens to a bitmapped image. Vector Graphics tent to be use for logo, leftlets or event buildbords since they can be scale easy and still look as good as the image before.
The File types that vector graphics use are –

  • .ai – Adobe Illustrator File
  • .asy – Asymptote Module
  • .ccd – ConceptDraw Pro Document
  • .cdr – CoreDraw Image File
  • and so on

There are so many since almost every vector packed use a diffent one.

Technical Terms

13 Mar
  • Clipping this is when you remove a part of the track, like a part that your dont like the some of or dont need.
  • Stereo this is when the sound is comeing more out of one side, than other so it sound more live. This is my setting the part of it to be more from the left than right
  • Fade this is when the music slow start to quiting, this is best use when there a brack in the music or at the end, so it does not sould odd, from going from lude to quilt in a second.


5 Mar
  • Dithering – It is when the computer make an issusion of new colours and shades verying diffent pattens of dots.
  • Anti-aliasing – It is when the computer or a programm changs the pixels nere the eage of the shape to fade like the colour next to it, it make it look more natal.
  • Increase resolution (re-sampling) – It is when your chang the image by retalking the picer to, re scanning the image.

How bitmap and vector graphics are different

5 Dec

A bitmap graphic, is a image using JPEG, TIFF and so on. Bit mapped use pixels, with are never small cubes, each cube has a binary number to repersent. The more bits that a single pixel, uses there more colour that can be used, for a example a image with only 2 bits per pixel, your can only repersent 2 colour, so probly only Black and White. So a image using 24 bits per pixel, is best that a human eye can tell apart, that about 16,000,000 to 17,000,000 diffent colours. The proble for bitmapped images is that for every pixel needs about 3 bytes, and your have a drawing with 600 pixels per ince there storeage will start to add up, but the Avantage is that the storage size is set.

Vector Graphics on the other hand storage images using Geometrical objects, like points. Each object is daved as a set of attributes, with is how it was drawn for example it will save the lenth, beth for a sqair. It will also storage what fill your use for it, like the colour. The manger avantage for a vector graphics is that your can select the object and move to is the other size or the page if u want to or inlarge it to the size of a build bord, or slink it to the sime of a stape or card. An other avantage is that the program only storage the attributes, unlike bitmapped with storage everything on the page. But vectore graphic is great for 3d objectes or blue printes, but when it come to things like people, bitmapped better for it, since there are lot of pixels so the sink tones, can easy be seen, but on vector graphics it will not clear so, them since it will be filled with one colour or texture.

There are mager Antagers for both but both are good depending on what your need it for, so bitmapped are better for pitch and vectore graphics are best for objects, blue prints and so on

Homework 28/11/12

26 Nov
  • positive integers – Positive integers are represented by a 0 or 1, this is because the computer cant understand the number systems what we humans use. The 0 and 1 are number of vovteages, so 0 = off and 1 = On. Positive integers are represted in binary, with use the 0 or 1 from before, Binary is simple earter 0 or 1 in a line, can go upto 8 for int 2 and 16 for higher, but can keep going. The number 20 can be represented as 0001,0010, the first 0 from the right is 1 and it keep doubling the thater u go a long. so the last 0 from the right is 128 since 2 8th, that is 2 x itself 8 times
  • negative integers – Negative integers are represented in the same wasy as positive but they trang all the 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 then + 1, eg the 16 before was 0001,0010 but to make it -16 your turned to 1110,0010 +1 = 111o,0011 = -16
  • real numbers
  • text – Text is reperstend by AsII, that is the code with all country have agreed to use since it be point less to have every country having  diffent Binary code for the bettle A, so none can send email to someone from diffent country, but ASII has a probly since it only use 7 bits, so it can only rebersent 128 litters or symbers, and so one, use the incresast it to 8 bit, so u can now rembersent 256 letters or symbers, but there is still a probly when a country like Japan has about 4000 charters in in languarg, and as u can see there no way to reperstend that many with only 8 bit, to they increaste it to 16 bit/2 bytes, with can repersent about 65000 charter. The downsite to this is that when before u only need a byte to repersent 1 charters, u now need to use 2 bytes, with does not seam a lot but when u have a docent with about 50 Mb of meamy using 1 byte for every charter, then use 2 bytes for every charter u now need 100 mb, with is not a lot in nowaday when u can buy probly 320 gb for about £60. But back when my teacher was in school, probly only have about 50 MB in a computer or fraply disk.
  • bitmapped graphics – Is reperstend by pixels with are the small dotes on a image, the more pixels there are per inch the more detaled the image, so as u can greast the less pixils the less detaled the image. Each pixel is reperstend by a binary number assind to the color, so for example pitcher with only Black and white will only need a binary code of 1 bit, but if u want to add 2 more colours like Green and Blue, u need to add a bit. This is now as bit depth. When where is more bit use to repersent a single pixil, the more couler there are in that images, so with 8 bits u can use 256 colours, and for 24 bit (true color) u can use 16,777,216 colour, that they human eye can easy see. but there is a probly with bitmapped graphics, the more bits u use per pixel, the more file size u will need, so for a 6 ince by 7 ince pitcher with 600 pixels per ince will need ((600 x 6)x(600×7) = 3600 x 4200 = 15120000 bits. with 16 bit depet or 2 bytes, so that 15120000/2 = 7560000/1024/1024 = 7.2 MB. The avantage of bitmapped is that u can edit the pixils at pixil level, like if u want to, with my teacher head, u can add hair with the pixils